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Faster management of restaurant maintenance

ResQ is one convenient place to manage all your maintenance plan details and source new vendors - and it's free to join!

Proud partners with 600+ restaurants and growing

Stop managing maintenance with whiteboards and calendars.

ResQ allows you to organize all data related to maintenance plans across multiple restaurant locations, all in one place.

Spend less time scheduling 

and managing for repairs

Restaurant owners and managers have saved over 50,000 hours by using ResQ to organize repairs and maintenance. 

Pay less for repair and maintenance

We believe owners and managers should have access to quality repair services at fair prices. Using ResQ unlocks preferred pricing from our network of 150+ professional vendors.

End-to-End Job Management

The ResQ team supports owners and vendors throughout the repair job to keep vendors accountable for scheduling and invoicing.

Decrease restaurant downtime

Restaurants that use ResQ see a decrease in the number of times they close due to unexpected repairs and maintenance issues.

Stop stressing about restaurant repairs.

Let's chat about decreasing your restaurant's downtime and saving money on maintenance.