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COVID-19 Important Updates

As you are aware, the COVID-19 (Corona) virus has recently been recognized as a global pandemic, and has already had a significant impact on global business, travel, and most importantly, families. Our sympathy to all our partners who have been personally affected by this.

Our first priority is to continue working together as a community toward a common goal - flattening the curve. Our second is to continue being the focal point of restaurant maintenance and to support ResQ customers and vendors to the best of our ability.

We remain at full operational capacity. Our team is ready to support our customers and partners in whatever way we can, 24/7.

As we continue to monitor the impact of Covid-19 on our industry and community, here are some of the ways we are supporting our customers, vendors and employees.

Easing the impact on our community

  • We have waived our membership for ResQ customers

  • Built preventative maintenance programs with cleaning companies to provide sanitization services 24/7

  • Asked vendors to wear and replace disposable gloves often, and carry both sanitized tools and equipment. In addition, we asked vendors to sanitize both pre and post repair, to further reduce the risk of contamination

As we adapt to external changes, we will always act in accord with ResQ’s core value of:

  • Persevere with passion

  • Take extreme ownership

  • Uplift people

  • Create “six-star” experiences

  • Be open

We will continue to strive to excel in the face of adversity and serve our customers and partners exceptionally.

Stay safe and take kind care.

Kuljeev Singh

ceo + founder

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