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An open letter to ResQ's community and partners.

Dear Partners,

Today marks ten very difficult weeks for the restaurant industry - an industry that employed millions of people and sustained a large portion of the small business economy but is now practically in a freefall. Over the last ten weeks, we saw many restaurants shut their doors permanently. Millions of restaurant workers have lost their jobs. Many of the best restaurant operators that I respect and admire are struggling like never before.

At ResQ, we are fortunate to be working for resilient customers and vendors like you who are evolving quickly and working hard towards solving some of the biggest challenges our industry is facing. We acknowledge our responsibility to the community and industry and have been working hard to do our part whether that is to quickly and thoughtfully redefine our product to help our customers and vendors or support our community through the ResQ Helps initiative.

The last ten weeks have reminded me of the day we started this company. It has gotten me back to our roots and the challenges we faced and how we overcame them. The only difference being that we are now 28x stronger with a fierce team of ResQers to get through this. As a restaurant owner myself, ResQ was built on the back of a first-hand problem. We have always believed in the power of obsessing with our customers and solving challenging problems for them. We believed in falling in love with the problem, being resilient in efforts to solve these problems and pushing our limits further. We believed in taking ownership. We believed in thinking autonomously, yet acting cohesively. We believed in serving people and our community.

None of this has changed today. The last ten weeks have reminded me of the reason for our existence and taken me back to Day One.

Day One was full of emotions, filled with excitement to create a thriving world-class organization that will reinvent the way restaurants manage their businesses. It was filled with bold entrepreneurialism to solve problems for our industry that no one had been able to solve before. It was filled with a relentless drive to build a culture and team that would embrace crazy ideas, challenge each other and face any crisis. The energy on Day One was exhilarating. Day One was also very scary, not knowing where to start, whom to email or whom to call. There was no manual on Day One, and it was all ours to write and figure out. We went after the biggest brands in the country without a product, vendor, script, marketing material, website, referrals, investors or even a bank account. Day One reminds me of the fierce sense of entrepreneurialism we had - there was no problem that we could not solve.

Today is Day One all over again, except we are stronger, better and faster. Yet we are still in unchartered territory. One of our board members asked me recently, “what would we do differently from here if we started the company today?” We would go back to Day One. We would be nimble and entrepreneurial. We would think big and start small. We would be creative and move with speed and agility. We would uncover problems our customers and vendors are facing and work hard to build for them. We would move mountains and break through walls for our customers. This is exactly what we are doing today.

There are times that we feel uncomfortable, not fully equipped, not knowing what to expect, or uncertain about what we are doing. But I remind my team everyday that being fearless is in our DNA. I remind them to cut the bullshit, to embrace the unknown, to have a bias towards action, to fail, and iterate and come out stronger. Very importantly, to serve.

ResQ was started with a mission to empower restaurant operators and service providers to build better managed businesses. We believed in the power of people and enabling them to do what they do best. We imagined a world where small businesses are flourishing. Now more than ever, we need to work hard to turn our vision into reality. A crisis like this gives you clarity on what matters the most and what you really stand for. Now, this is not just about creating an impact for our customers and surviving the pandemic. It's more than that, it’s about thriving as an industry and coming out of this stronger than ever, while supporting our community.

I have a deep feeling of love and empathy for each and every one of you. Throughout this crisis, I have learned so much from you and we are blessed to be working for you every single day. Today, I encourage you to think big, start small. I encourage you to be unafraid to try new things and run with it. I encourage you to go back to your Day One.

The downturn we are facing may not be short lived and there may be a rocky road ahead of us. But as one of our board members recently told me, “smooth seas don’t make good sailors”. ResQ has always been a fearless company. We are unafraid of what lies ahead. We wake up every day excited to serve you. We are excited to fight, go all out and give it everything we got. This is what ResQ is all about. We are going to either achieve our vision, or we are going to die trying.

With that in mind, I will leave you with, Onward.

Kuljeev Singh

CEO & Founder


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