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Case Study: How Two Tim Hortons Franchisees Reduced Time Spent on Managing Maintenance by 50%

Rohit and Shalini Chauhan come from a family with a long history in franchising. In 1999, their parents purchased their first Tim Hortons franchise and the brother/sister duo have fond memories of working there throughout high school and university. Fast forward twenty years and the siblings now run the business, expanding their family’s legacy to 16 stores across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and employing over 350 team members.

The Multi-Location Restaurant Repair & Maintenance Challenge

Being a growing franchise group has comes with its challenges, particularly when it comes to repair and maintenance. For a while the Chauhans managed repair and maintenance jobs themselves, but as they opened more stores (including 24-hour locations), it became increasingly difficult to do it on their own.

“As we grow, we have increasingly more maintenance challenges that have to be managed. We used to get phone calls from managers at all hours of the day and night about broken equipment or facility issues. Using ResQ means I don't have to worry about this. My store managers can own submitting repair jobs themselves, while I still have oversight.” - Shalini Chauhan, Tim Hortons Franchisee

The Chauhans were looking for:

  • One centralized platform to manage their multiple vendors and repair jobs (including a place they could request and pay for vendors, rather than simply just a facility maintenance organization tool).

  • A tool that gave their store managers the ability to submit repair requests while still giving the Chauhans control over approvals and insight into when the job would be completed.

How ResQ Has Helped The Chauhans' 16 Tim Hortons Franchise Locations

Since using ResQ, the Chauhans have significantly decreased time spent managing repairs, which has allowed them to focus on other areas of their business they’re passionate about, such as developing training programs for staff.

“We noticed a difference with ResQ right away. It takes my staff a minute to submit a repair request and the ResQ app tells me exactly what’s going on with my repair without needing to call someone. Within minutes I can know what's going on without needing to call anyone.” - Rohit Chauhan, Tim Hortons Franchisee

On top of the late night calls, the Chauhans were dealing with a growing list of repair vendors that was becoming difficult to keep organized on their own. With ResQ they've been able to keep better track of who their vendors are, outstanding invoices and equipment warranties.

“Dealing with so many different repair vendors, plus billing and keeping track of warranties was becoming a big job. ResQ allows us to organize all that in one place so I know who my preferred vendors are and I don't miss an invoice.” - Shalini Chauhan, Tim Hortons Franchisee

By using ResQ, the Chauhans have decreased restaurant downtime by being able to submit and schedule repair jobs faster than before, which means quicker turnaround of repair vendors arriving at their restaurants for service.

“Before using ResQ, the moment equipment would break I needed to stop what I was doing and address it. With ResQ my equipment is fixed faster because we can immediately submit a repair job in the app and they can notify a vendor more quickly than if I was managing it on my own.” - Rohit Chauhan, Tim Hortons Franchisee

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