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How ResQ Can Help You Reopen Your Restaurant

As you start to evaluate reopening your doors and adjust operations to follow public health measures, ResQ is here to support you and to help set you up for a successful reopening.

The evolving COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on the hospitality industry. From forced mandates, to employee management, all the while, pivoting from your tried and tested business models to other ways of generating revenue. As you start to evaluate reopening your doors or adjusting operations for take out and delivery, we have put together information on 4 key areas every restaurant should review and implement to assure employees and guests of their health, safety and peace of mind. 1. COVID-19 Sanitization

In the current environment, it is important to adjust your standard operating procedure to include the sanitization of all-contact surfaces (FOH and BOH).

Find out how to sanitize your restaurant to provide a level of confidence for your customers and employees -prior to reopening:

  • Undergo a specialized disinfection service throughout the FOH and BOH (available through ResQ)

  • Verify that your ware-washing machines are operating at the required wash and rinse temperatures, and with the appropriate detergents and sanitizers

  • Use disinfectants approved by Health Canada that have an associated Drug Identification Number (available through ResQ)

  • Refer to the following list of Health Canada approved Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2

  • Set up a plan to frequently disinfect surfaces repeatedly touched by employees or customers such as door knobs, equipment handles, payment devices, telephones etc. (cleaning with soap and water prior to disinfectant is recommended)

At ResQ, we completely understand and sympathize with concerns around cashflow so in efforts to bridge the gap between upholding the highest standards in sanitization and spending, ResQ has curated a sanitization plan with a seasoned cleaning vendor at an extremely reasonable price.

2. Deep Cleaning

Through many discussions with restaurant owners and staff over the past number of weeks, employee and guest comfort and peace of mind have been identified as top priorities for owners, staff and patrons. Demonstrating that the restaurant has been deep cleaned and sanitized with COVID-19 safety precautions can help build peace of mind as your staff and guests return to your restaurant.

  • Establishing a recurring deep cleaning plan, especially focused on high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and washroom facilities

  • Most facilities have cleaning supplies for a 2-4 week period. With the proposed increase to cleaning and sanitation practices, the recommended stock supply should be at least 3 months

3. Reinstating Preventive Maintenance and Recurring Services

With provincial governments gearing up to allow for curbside pick-up, you can expect higher foot traffic in the coming weeks. Among the many things involved in setting yourself up for success with reopening your restaurant, evaluating and resuming certain recurring services and preventive maintenance is top priority to avoid costly emergency fixes. ResQ has accumulated data on repair and maintenance service history for the past 4 years, including details on price per repair, frequency of repairs needed etc, by facility type and equipment. What we know for sure is the longer you delay a preventive maintenance service, the more likely you are to come across a bigger repair issue at a much higher cost than a scheduled and proactive PM service - much like treating your car to an oil change. Here is a list of highly recommended recurring services to reinstate and schedule prior to reopening:

  • Exhaust Hood Cleaning

  • Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance

  • HVAC Preventative Maintenance

  • Grease Trap Cleaning

  • Pest Control Services

  • Waste & Recycling Pick-Up

Ensuring your restaurant gets “new oil” so to speak, helps you and your staff stay focused on preparing and serving while upholding all the new and necessary precautions laid out for the hospitality industry.

ResQ’s dedicated Operations team will help you reinstate these services in a timely manner, and at an adjusted frequency if needed.

4. Facility Modifications for Employee and Customer Safeguarding

Undergoing modifications to your facility is a noticeable and visible way to show your guests and staff that you’re doing your part to help curb further transmission of COVID-19, gaining the trust of customers and service providers alike.

  • Assign appropriate areas that could accommodate the installation of counter guards/plexiglass for added protection, while still maintaining an inviting feel to guests

  • Conduct an evaluation of your facility to identify operational changes in order to maintain physical distancing among employees

  • Redirect traffic flow with signage or directional arrows so as to maintain a 6ft distance between employees and guests at all times

  • Install additional wash sinks for employees to easily and frequently wash hands Install additional hand sanitizing stations

  • Establish “pick-up” zones for customers to help maintain physical distancing

  • Uninstall communal beverages zones, and switch to refrigerated single serving bottled beverages

If you offer drive-through options, you may want to consider installing drive-thru protective barriers.

Transparent barriers are designed to protect your employees from potential exposure by reducing close-proximity interaction. Barriers can be installed on the exterior of the building over your restaurant’s drive-thru windows, or in the interior counter spaces.

ResQ has partnered with vendors to design a drive-thru system that installs quickly, and requires little maintenance. Installing the product is minimally invasive in your facility, and requires little customization.

If you’d like to learn more about the kind of modifications you need for your restaurant(s), please get in touch.

ResQ Management Center

To stay on top of all reopening related work orders, invoices, spend, and insights, you can access ResQ Management Center for critical information about your business operation and visibility into your repairs and maintenance. ResQ Management Center is a value-add, no-charge product, giving you details on ongoing work orders, preventive maintenance management, reporting on month-to-month spend and more.

You’ll have access to all invoice history making it easy for your finance team to reconcile their accounting systems, and is accessible to you 24/7.

As the Canadian government relaxes lockdown restrictions to reopen the economy, businesses planning to reopen will need to stick to strict public health guidelines to minimize the risk of another wave and to avoid another shutdown.

We’re here to help set you up for success as you reopen your business.

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