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How Parker Hospitality Group is using ResQ to make strategic decisions

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Company background

Nick Sorise is a Partner and the Director of Growth and Development at Parker Hospitality in Chicago, a hospitality company that conceptualizes, develops, manages and operates a portfolio of restaurants and lounges including The Hampton Social, Nisos, and The Bassment.

Nick has spent two thirds of his life in the hospitality industry. He started as a dishwasher in his father’s restaurant at the age of 13 and now, 20 years later, is a Partner at Parker Hospitality overseeing opening new restaurants and implementing technology to facilitate growth.

He’s seen the old and the new way of running restaurants across the country - from the time tech didn’t have a strong foothold until now where tech has streamlined every aspect of running a restaurant from payroll, integrated ordering systems, to repairs and maintenance. As millennials, Nick and his partners at Parker Hospitality in Chicago naturally gravitate towards technology to enable them to focus on guests and create new restaurant concepts.


“By leveraging the insights ResQ provides, we can grow our margins which helps us with financial planning as we expand our brand.”

Nick Sorise
Director of Growth & Development


Here’s a summary of Nick’s point of view on the value of turning an “afterthought” like repairs and maintenance into a strategic business opportunity:

  • Adding a layer of technology to every aspect of our business has made it easier to operate existing restaurants and open new locations. But even for the most tech-forward companies, repairs and maintenance is an afterthought because operators are busy running a great restaurant offering great food and experiences.
  • This “afterthought” has huge implications on margins and staff productivity (not to mention morale).
  • With ResQ, we’re able to get a 360 degree view of how we’re operating each location and get real-time data on opportunities for savings.
  • We’re now looking at equipment repair history to make informed decisions about equipment brands we invest in across our portfolio.
  • Employees and the management team have full visibility and involvement into equipment repairs (whether it’s ad-hoc or planned maintenance) and facility maintenance without directly having to manage R&M. This means there’s no wasted-time or lack of communication, which helps us move a lot faster.

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