About Us

Empowering restaurant operators and service vendors by delivering the best repair and maintenance experience, ever

We are proud to help thousands of restaurant operators and service vendors spend more time on what they love to do, providing great customer experiences and growing their businesses.

ResQ’s Founding Story

ResQ emerged from the conviction that managing a restaurant business should be a breeze for operators and service providers. In 2017, inspired by his struggles running Kanga Pies, Founder KJ Singh recognized the need for a better solution. Juggling the ambition to offer top-notch customer experiences with selling Australian meat pies in Canada, KJ faced operational headaches that hindered his vision.

The breaking point came when a crucial fridge malfunctioned, risking $40,000 worth of meat. Unable to get prompt repair service, KJ endured the loss, highlighting the often overlooked costs and hassles in the restaurant industry.

ResQ swiftly materialized to tackle the headaches of restaurant repairs and maintenance. With a track record of enhancing the experience for more than 5,000 restaurants and collaborating with over 3,000 vendors, ResQ is on a mission to revolutionize the repair and maintenance landscape. And this is just the beginning.

Our Values

The behaviours that drive us.

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Inspire others with your thirst for excellence and leading by example

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Exhibit positivity and a calm poise in stressful situations; work the problem

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Serve our community and fight hard for their success

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Foster togetherness; have the back of your teammates always

Icon heart in hand

Treat the decision as if it was your own; you discuss openly, but commit even if you disagree

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Aim to be at least 1% better every day to achieve our goals

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Are willing to quickly admit mistakes, take responsibility & learn from them

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Question actions inconsistent with our culture and values

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Show compassion, respect, and humility in all your interactions

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Only say things about fellow team members, customers and service partners you would say to their face

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Are obsessed with setting high standards for our team and those we serve

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Create meaningful connections and go above and beyond what is expected

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Deliver great results consistently so others can rely upon you

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Focus on impact rather than on excessively restrictive processes

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Act in the best interest of ResQ over yourself or team; even when it’s hard

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Exhibit bias for action

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Deeply understand all parts of our business, including our customers, and partners.

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Own the outcome, irrespective of what might or might not happen and what someone might or might not say or do

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Act as owners without casting blame, making excuses, or pointing fingers

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Take risks, adapt and learn till you succeed

Our Leadership Team

The proven operators that make it happen.

Kuljeev Singh

Founder and CEO
KJ was a Venture Capitalist in marketplace technology companies for over 7 years, who purchased a restaurant (Kanga Pies) in 2017. One weekend a large fridge broke down and KJ could not find someone to fix it before $40,000 worth of food became spoiled. After that loss, KJ resolved to build a solution to help restaurant owners operate their businesses better. ResQ was formed in 2018 and he has been dedicated to this initiative ever since.

Mazdak Rezvani

Mazdak brings 20+ years of experience in building and leading software product and engineering teams. He has been CEO and/or co-founded six companies and successfully exited three of them through acquisition.

Liz Wattiker

Head of Customer Success
Liz has spent over 10 years in the restaurant technology industry, specifically focused on marketplace growth and expansion endeavors. She has honed her focus on improving and up levelling the customer journey at companies like Caviar (acq. by Square), Amazon, and Doordash, to name a few. Her expertise comes not only from hands-on experience, but from years growing and scaling teams tasked with revenue retention, growth and engagement.

Lynn Khazzam

Head of Strategy & Operations
With a JD/MBA from the University of Toronto and over 5 years of experience in operations, Lynn brings a proven track record to ResQ. Her experience at Ritual and DoorDash in driving growth and reducing costs is directly applicable to ResQ's goals. Lynn's combination of strong leadership, operational expertise, and deep understanding of marketplaces makes her a key asset in scaling ResQ.

Joe Drew

Head of Engineering
Joe has spent 20+ years developing software and leading teams of developers. He's honed his craft of extensive hands-on development combined with organizing and managing teams of developers at companies including ecobee, Wattpad and Mozilla. At ResQ, Joe leads the engineering team.

Kareem Azees

Head of Marketing
Kareem has spent the last 9+ years building growth teams and scaling SaaS products. He specializes in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences, experimenting with channels to find ones with sustainable economics, and taking a data-driven approach to marketing. At ResQ, he leads the marketing function.

Payal Sobti

Head of Product
Payal comes to ResQ with 14+ years of experience building new and early stage businesses. She was a founding team member of Uber Eats, building and scaling the business first in San Francisco, and then globally. Most recently she worked on FinTech products at Cash App. Payal manages the Product organization at ResQ.

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