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Before ResQ
Difficult to make decisions for sustainable growth 
Stakeholders misaligned
Inability to scale & standardize
After ResQ

“From the time that the work order is submitted in ResQ at the store level until we pay the invoice, I have all that clarity, because the work order is not going out until I approve it. I know what the quotes are coming in at. I have full transparency throughout. We are already down significantly in our repair costs by being able to make these kinds of decisions at the management level.”

Matt Cristy
VP Finance, Doc B's

Repair it or replace it?

Understand asset performance and lifecycle across all facilities to make informed decisions about whether to repair, replace, or buy the same equipment again.

Streamlined invoicing, painless payments

Let ResQ handle the intricacies of vendor payments, presenting you with a single consolidated invoice. Say goodbye to scattered records and welcome a centralized system that ensures fast, efficient payments to your vendors.

Track your budget in real-time

Bring your budget to life with up-to-the-minute visibility across all facilities. Dive into detailed allocation, real-time tracking, and budget-to-actual comparisons.

Don’t wait for year-end reports

Intuitive charts - that update live every day - make it easy to see how your entire organization is performing against your goals. Plus - generate custom reports and have them delivered to your inbox every week.

Hear what customers say

“We’ve reduced R&M spend substantially, from both greater transparency into how much we’re spending as well as better decision making around things like equipment replacement.”

Jeff Shoemaker
CFO, Magnolia Bakery
cost reduction in first 6 months

“With ResQ, I had a clear line of sight into our back of house operations across all locations without needing to be on-premise anymore. If you want to take back your life and save time, use ResQ.”

Arthur Bekerman
Owner and Chief Operating Officer, IQ Food Co.
Increase in productivity

“ResQ has made possible for me to scale my facilities team capacity during a period of high growth. I’ve implemented ResQ twice at two different companies and they deliver results every time.”

Greg Dubois
Head of Facilities, Joey (45+ FSR locations)
increase in staff productivity

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