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How Hai Hospitality Elevated Operational Efficiency with ResQ

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Company background

Hai Hospitality is an award-winning restaurant group with a never-ending passion for food, service, design, and experience. In 2003, Chef Tyson Cole opened his first restaurant, Uchi, in a modest red house in Austin, Texas. Now, with four concepts (Uchi, Uchiba, Uchiko, and Loro), Hai Hospitality continues to learn and push to offer the best food and experience in the hospitality space.

Under the leadership of Terry Ubl, Vice President of Facilities, Hai Hospitality prioritizes seamless facility operations to maintain the highest standards of guest satisfaction. The Facilities team, integral to the day-to-day operations, ensures all restaurant locations are functional and pristine, directly impacting guest perceptions and experiences.


Before integrating ResQ into its operations, Hai Hospitality struggled with inefficient work order management and vendor communications. Their previous system, described as a "put in a work order and forget it" model, frequently led to overlooked issues and operational delays. Terry expressed the frustration with the old system:

"We were using a system that was about putting in a work order and forgetting about it. It lacked features like QR codes, which meant a lot of follow-up was necessary, consuming significant time and effort that could have been directed elsewhere."

These inefficiencies not only wasted resources but also jeopardized the quality of service, potentially diminishing guest experiences.


The transition to ResQ marked a revolutionary change in Hai Hospitality's operational efficiency. ResQ's platform offered a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing work orders, vendor communications, and maintenance oversight. The implementation process included a full inventory of facilities, QR code integration for efficient management, and thorough management training.

Terry Ubl highlighted the improvements brought by ResQ:

“ResQ simplified the entire process from A to Z. With QR codes now in place, managers know how to handle work orders swiftly. The alerts system is particularly transformative—managers receive notifications on their mobiles, streamlining communication and expediting the resolution process.”

Additionally, ResQ enhanced Hai Hospitality’s vendor relationships, making it easier to manage invoices and maintain regular communication. As a result, operational efficiency improved dramatically, reflecting positively on guest services and business growth. Terry praised the seamless integration and the supportive role of ResQ:

“We're able to do other things besides worry about calling vendors, looking at work orders, and making sure that the invoices are in and that they come in a timely manner. It's just made it a lot easier that way.”

By adopting ResQ, Hai Hospitality has significantly upgraded its facility management operations, enhancing guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. This partnership has not only solved the immediate challenges of work order and vendor management but also set the stage for scalable growth as Hai Hospitality continues to expand its presence in the hospitality industry. Terry regards ResQ as more than a solution provider but a pivotal element of Hai Hospitality's success story, driving efficiency and excellence across all locations.

"We didn't want to be a small fish in a big pond. We wanted to be as big as some of these other restaurant groups. ResQ made it like we were one of those big fishes."

Terry Ubl
Vice President of Facilities

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