Earn up to $5,000 for referring customers to ResQ

Share the love. Earn cash. Fast.

How it works


Decide who to refer

Take the pre-made referral email template below and draft an email to your referral.


Send an email

Send an email to your referral and cc on the email introducing us to them.


You’re all set

We’ll notify you when the restaurant signs as a ResQ customer. Your reward will come in via e-gift card.

Referral Rewards

# of Locations
5-20 locations
21-50 locations
51+ locations
*This is based on # of locations live. Needs to be a paying customer for 180 days for referral to be valid.

They’ll be in great company!

“Before ResQ, it would have been a lot worse for me. I’d have to do even more running from store to store and would have had my head running up in 30 different directions.”
Justin Jones,
Facilities Manager
“Just seeing everything in one singular portal for accounting, finance, restaurant operations and the facilities department has been a game changer.”
Greg DuBois,

Facilities Development Manager
“By leveraging the insights ResQ provides, we can grow our margins which helps us with financial planning as we expand our brand.”
Nick Sorice,
Facilities & Development Director