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Before ResQ
Rising vendor labor costs
Multiple visits for same issues
Reactive spending
Equipment downtime
Loss of inventory
After ResQ
BRCC recovers thousands of dollars in lost revenue by getting coffee machines fixed faster with ResQ.

“With ResQ, we’ve been able to get service pros onsite fast enough to avoid losing revenue because of broken equipment. We used to wait up to 48 hours to get a technician onsite to fix our specialized coffee machines but now we get same-day service which significantly reduces equipment downtime and saves us thousands of dollars.”

Craig Chambers
Facilities Manager

Avoid unnecessary repairs with AI troubleshooting

Surface common and equipment-specific troubleshooting steps and tutorials so your staff is prompted to try to fix something in-house before sending it to a vendor.

Work with the best vendor to get the job done correctly, fast

Instantly assess vendor history and understand first-time fix rates to improve your vendor selection process. Seamlessly pass them work order information and streamline communications. Ensure the right vendor arrives on-site with the precise context, guaranteeing swift and accurate job completion.

Source pre-qualified vendors

Don't have a vendor available? Build relationships with Verified Vendors. Get same day service with the best prices.

Maintain control over expensive repairs

Set custom spend controls and workflows for work orders, quotes, and invoices, so that the right people are looped in for approval and oversight.

Automatically get alerted on food equipment issues

IoT-enabled sensors automatically monitor all your food equipment and alert you if anything goes wrong. Proactively catch potential issues, ensure food safety compliance, and customize alerts for predictive failure detection.

Decrease emergencies and breakdowns

Put your recurring and preventative maintenance on autopilot, with a complete view of the scope of work, frequency, service history, and automated scheduling across all locations.

Hear what customers say

“We’ve reduced R&M spend substantially, from both greater transparency into how much we’re spending as well as better decision making around things like equipment replacement.”

Jeff Shoemaker
CFO, Magnolia Bakery
cost reduction in first 6 months

“With ResQ, I had a clear line of sight into our back of house operations across all locations without needing to be on-premise anymore. If you want to take back your life and save time, use ResQ.”

Arthur Bekerman
Owner and Chief Operating Officer, IQ Food Co.
Increase in productivity

“ResQ has made possible for me to scale my facilities team capacity during a period of high growth. I’ve implemented ResQ twice at two different companies and they deliver results every time.”

Greg Dubois
Head of Facilities, Joey (45+ FSR locations)
increase in staff productivity

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