ResQ for Finance Leaders

Greater transparency into your repair and maintenance spend

Access centralized R&M data in one place with a full view down to the asset, restaurant, and repair type. Set spend controls in place and unlock greater efficiency in your team, while spending less on your total R&M operation.

Being a lean team requires us to be very organized and ResQ helped us to build structure and process. The data capture is all in one place so I no longer have to oversee every single detail in real-time.


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Understand your R&M spend like never before

Your repair and maintenance spend is spread across many storefronts, vendors, and equipment pieces. Without good data, it becomes hard to understand what, why, and where things are happening. ResQ standardizes this data and gives you better visibility and insights so you can make smarter decisions.

Ensure cross-company compliance with a single R&M system of record

Channel all repair and maintenance spend through ResQ as a system of record.

Get visibility into all R&M spend across all storefronts, repair categories, and equipment types to understand trends.

Drive better communication, compliance, and alignment across the business.

Centralize your invoicing with one payable to cut down on time setting up new vendors

ResQ takes care of vendor payments, resulting in a single consolidated invoice for you and timely payments for vendors.

No manual data entry means your AP team saves time and reduces errors, including avoiding late or missed payments.

ResQ’s invoice algorithm reviews every invoice and flags unusual activity and errors, including duplicate, mislabeled, and exorbitant charges.

Set and track clear R&M budgets across locations

Allocate budgets down to restaurant and category level.

Track operational expenses vs. capital expenses to plan for major renovations and replacements.

Compare your proposed budget to actual spend to always know how you are pacing.

“We’ve reduced R&M spend substantially, from both greater transparency into how much we’re spending as well as better decision making around things like equipment replacement.”

Jeff Shoemaker
CFO, Magnolia Bakery
cost reduction in first 6 months

Never lose another dollar to inefficient R&M operations

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