ResQ for Facility Managers

Keep your restaurants up and running efficiently

Manage vendors and your work, ensure your equipment stays running, and never lose sight of what's going on in your restaurants.

“ResQ’s put me back in control of my schedule. ResQ streamlined things for me in a way that I can follow work orders in the past and future and it helps me set a timeline for my week.”

Justin Jones
Facilities Manager

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Something breaks
Have your team create a work order with ResQ
Request a repair by category or scan the QR code sticker on any piece of equipment
Approve the work order 👍
Your approval has already been set up, so the right person will review and approve it fast
Choose your Preferred Vendor or find a Verified Vendor
Select your preferred vendor, or find someone new in ResQ’s vetted marketplace of vendors.
If you need us, ResQ is here to support you and your vendor
You have a dedicated customer support partner (and so do your vendors) to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
Repair completed ✅
and insights are surfaced

Powering all your facility management workflows

On demand repairs can derail your team’s productivity. See how ResQ enables facility managers to get the most out of their day by treating repair and maintenence like a process.

Manage your repair and maintenance operations in one place

Channel all repair and maintenance spend through ResQ as a system of record.

Every asset is tagged with a QR code that launches a work order, so that they can be created in 30 seconds. Automatically associate work orders with the right asset, serial number, and see all warranty information.

Start every morning with our Daily Menu, an actionable dashboard that focuses you on the most pressing issues vs. having to parsing out information from all open work orders.

Grow and manage your network of vendors

Don't have a vendor available? Build relationships with vendors across 30+ categories with ResQ's Vendor Network. Get same day service with the best prices with Verified Vendors.

See vendor ratings and reviews, first time fix rates, pricing, and expected arrival windows to ensure you’re working with the best quality vendor that can complete your job.

On-site same day for emergency work orders. Get on-demand work orders repairs faster than expected. Rest assured you’re getting the best value for your repair.

Uncover cost savings opportunities through standardized processes

Have a history on all equipment repairs to make smarter repair vs replace decisions. Ensure your equipment & facility are always in tip-top shape, so you don’t risk losing any sales!

Automate preventative maintenance services to reduce time spent on scheduling and coordination.

Surface common troubleshooting steps to reduce the number of vendor site visits, get equipment operational faster, and save money.

“ResQ has made possible for me to scale my facilities team capacity during a period of high growth. I’ve implemented ResQ twice at two different companies and they deliver results every time.”

Greg Dubois
Head of Facilities, Joey (45+ FSR locations)
increase in staff productivity

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