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How Magnolia Bakery drove a 9.2% reduction in R&M in their first six months on ResQ

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Reduction on R&M within first 6 months on ResQ


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consolidated approach to managing R&M

Company background

Magnolia Bakery is a chain of bakeries renowned worldwide for their iconic cupcakes and banana pudding. The first location opened in 1996 in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan and they now operate over 10 locations in the U.S. with more than a dozen stores internationally. Magnolia plans to take their sweet treats to even more markets within the next few years 🎉

We spoke to Justin Jones, Facilities Manager, who’s been with Magnolia since 2011. Justin is responsible for making sure all the stores across the U.S are running smoothly and are continuing to serve iconic treats to customers.


The Magnolia Team Has Been Running In 30 Different Directions To Manage R&M.

Justin oversees facility operations and ensures BOH standards are met, but he also rolls up his sleeves and fixes equipment where he can. On average, he visits 4 store locations a day while also managing multiple locations across the country, like Chicago and LA, helping them with troubleshooting and getting repairs completed.

Before signing up with ResQ, the store management team created paper work orders, sourced service professionals and technicians and then spent hours consistently following up with each vendor. Justin would step in whenever he could and ensure jobs were being completed because store managers already had enough to deal with such as staffing, scheduling, and managing guest experiences.

“Before ResQ, it would have been a lot worse for me. I’d have to do even more running from store to store and would have had my head running up in 30 different directions.” — Justin Jones

“ResQ helps me in leaps and bounds to what we used to do and I really appreciate that. I can ask the ResQ team for help with any work order or maintenance plan related issue. There’s only so many things I can do in a day so having your team to help with everything is great.”

Justin Jones
Facilities Manager, Magnolia Bakery


Give Everyone Time Back In Their Day

After evaluating repairs & maintenance solutions for Magnolia Bakery, the team said ResQ was a “no-brainer” solution to implement.

1. No-hassle onboarding

When restaurants sign up for a new technology solution, they usually spend weeks (if not months!) on onboarding, implementing (especially when restaurants implement CMMS solutions), and training staff to use the new solution. Justin initially thought getting up and running with ResQ was going to be intense and a huge time-suck for him and his team but he was very pleased to find out the opposite was true.

Justin shared that even the process of adding new store users and managers or taking access away after a staff member had left was much easier than he expected it to be.

“The quick and easy onboarding process with ResQ was a sign of how seamless this partnership was going to be. I didn’t need to spend hours bringing on the new solution - the ResQ team assigned to our business took all of our store location info and set us up, provided training to all our staff, and showed the store management team how easy it was to customize the platform to our needs.” — Justin Jones
2. No-fuss work order management

Every store can now easily report issues to their manager or to Justin by simply scanning a barcode and adding a few details. Now Justin has a consolidated view of what can be solved by some help from him without him needing to be physically present at the store or if something needs to be submitted to ResQ to manage.

“ResQ’s put me back in control of my schedule. ResQ streamlined things for me in a way that I can follow work orders in the past and future and it helps me set a timeline for my week. It helps me plan my week, my month, and plan my maintenance schedules so I know each week what stores we need to focus on. ResQ helps me in leaps and bounds to what we used to do and I really appreciate that. I can ask the ResQ team for help with any work order or maintenance plan related issue. There’s only so many things I can do in a day so having your team to help with everything is great.” — Justin Jones

A win for everyone: Magnolia, service professionals, and ResQ!

Magnolia’s constant use of ovens and refrigerators means they tend to usually have a high volume of HVAC service calls alone. used to have a lot of service calls for HVAC alone. Since joining ResQ, their HVAC service requests have decreased in volume and cost because ResQ set up HVAC preventive maintenance for each location. By managing every preventive maintenance plan and schedule in one platform, ResQ helped each store either strengthen their existing service professional relationships or introduce new quality service providers where needed.

ResQ has been a game-changer in not only saving Magnolia time but also helping make Magnolia’s existing service professional relationships stronger.

“We already have our refrigeration vendors we’ve been working with for many years; however, that accountability is so much easier to enforce and have a better working relationship when you’re able to see the details of each job and able to track your cost, quotes, and everything in one place. We’re also able to hold ourselves accountable and ensure we provided the details each vendor needed to get the job done. ResQ holds both parties accountable to each other and makes the relationship stronger.” — Justin Jones

Would you recommend ResQ to your peers?

“I’d just ask those in restaurant facilities and operations if they want their lives to be easier and then go from there. That’s all it comes down to.  It's like would you rather spend your days planning all of this yourself or would you rather have help.

To me it’s a matter of simplicity, and it makes things easier on everybody just by having you guys. I’d recommend ResQ to anybody I run into.”

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