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How Delicious Hospitality cut time spent on R&M by 50% across multiple FSR locations

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Company background

Delicious Hospitality Group (DHG) is a restaurant group based in NYC that operates 6 restaurant concepts: Charlie Bird, Pasquale Jones, Legacy Records, Ada’s Place, Easy Victor, Bar Pasquale, and Silver Sands. Delicious Hospitality has been around for 10+ years, and had no previous technology partner to take care of R&M.

Before implementing ResQ, the operations team at Delicious Hospitality faced significant challenges in managing repair and maintenance tasks, as well as coordinating with vendors and ensuring timely resolutions. With the recent departure of their facilities manager, the Delicious team sought a solution that could alleviate the burden and provide better visibility and control over their repair and maintenance operations — enter ResQ.


Delicious Hospitality was struggling with wasting time on R&M processes, finding & holding good vendors accountable, and being unaware of overall spend on all ongoing repairs & maintenance:

1) Lack of Efficient Management System: DHG relied on very manual coordination and frequent meetings with the operations team to create repair and maintenance plans. The unexpected nature of issues made it difficult to plan in advance and resulted in inefficiencies.

2) Difficulty in Vendor Communication: Delicious Hospitality Group struggled to maintain consistent and effective communication with vendors, making it challenging to address repairs promptly and hold vendors accountable for their work. There was no easy place to view what was happening on a work order quickly or efficiently — leading to a ton of confusion and errors.

3) Rising Costs and Uncertain Budget: The absence of a streamlined repair and maintenance management system led to unexpected expenses, with DHG’s R&M budget being unclear & inconsistent. Since spend was not visible, Daryl & his team were unsure of extra costs going towards their R&M across all locations.

“I love that we can view everything R&M as a whole, all in one place. This gives me a good sense of control, and finally can keep track of everything going on across all locations.”

Daryl Christian
Ops Manager


After seeking the best solution to solve their R&M problems, DHG selected ResQ to address their repair & maintenance challenges. With ResQ, Delicious Hospitality has successfully set up 10 preventive maintenance plans, & completed over 190 on-demand work orders!

Delicious Hospitality’s benefits & results with ResQ:

1) Time Savings & Optimization: With an overwhelmed operations manager, Delicious Hospitality needed a easy-to-use solution that could efficiently handle repair and maintenance tasks, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of their operations. Running full-service restaurants in NYC is hard enough, but now Daryl can focus on guests & growth (instead of R&M headaches). ResQ helped reduce the time spent on repair and maintenance by 50%, significantly optimizing resource allocation.

2) Cost Savings from Vendor Accountability: ResQ's comprehensive monitoring and documentation capabilities ensured that vendors could be held accountable for their work. This resulted in the ability to make much better spending decisions. DHG was able to understand the breakdown of R&M spend, which uncovered ongoing savings for on-demand & recurring work orders. Delicious Hospitality has also seen long-term savings by monitoring and selecting cost-effective vendor options!

3) Improved Vendor Management: With ResQ, Delicious Hospitality has facilitated better communication and collaboration with vendors, resulting in more positive vendors experiences than ever before. Any negative incidents that could occur for DHG are flagged and reviewed quickly, ensuring accountability and fostering a productive vendor relationship.

4) Enhanced Control, Centralization and Organization: ResQ provided a centralized platform where all repair and maintenance activities could be tracked and managed, offering better visibility and control over the process. Having such a small operations team is already a challenge — but now Daryl is able to focus on his day to day, without worrying about work orders, payments, or finding vendors. He can rest assured all of his locations are up & running smoothly!

5) Professional and Responsive Support: Delicious Hospitality has found a ton of value in having ResQ’s in-house dedicated support team at an arm’s reach. Having a knowledgable team of experts working behind the scenes for DHG has been pivotal, and allowed Daryl to rest assured the work orders are being completed. Throughout the onboarding process, ResQ’s team was there to support & ensure set up / training was smooth.

“Before ResQ, unexpected things happened all the time, so it was difficult to plan in advance. ResQ allows us to quickly react to necessary repairs or breakdowns,  without the panic we faced before.”

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