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ResQ makes working with your restaurant customers a breeze

A dedicated work order management platform, built specifically for vendors

Know exactly what your day-to-day business looks like with ResQ’s mobile and desktop technology

Eliminate disputes and call backs with a direct line of communication with customers - with full tracking and accountability on both sides

Work orders will come to you fully scoped, with model and serial numbers, warranty info, and photos - everything your technicians need to arrive on site fully prepared

Better workflow, prioritization, and scheduling

Review, accept, and decline incoming jobs

Keep track of jobs that need scheduling or are past due

Get notified about jobs that need quotes, invoices, and replies

Review customer feedback on completed jobs

Increase cash flow by getting paid faster

Faster, predictable, and reliable payment options

Let ResQ chase payments on your behalf and save up to 6 weeks on collection efforts

Manage and track all invoices and payment history in one place for all your on-demand and preventative maintenance jobs

Analytics & insights to help you make informed decisions about your business

Understand everything about your business from one centralized system

Full visibility into your team’s dispatch schedule, performance, feedback, and ratings

Get tips to improve the metrics that restaurants care about most - like your your first-time fix rate

A dedicated team to support you

Get set up for success

24/7 work order support by phone, email, and chat

Useful insights to grow your client relationships

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